Is your organization pursuing different competitive strategies? Do you need to foster creativity and risk among certain employees? Do you need team players who are trainable and able to follow standardized procedures? Do you need to generate strategic capabilities for your firm? Do you need a better-qualified workforce that can provide a higher quality experience? Do you need active learners with good customer relations skills and emotional resilience under pressure?

Because we know that it is people who are responsible for gaining and keeping a competitive advantage and to support your business strategy.

SPM will

Hire the right people that are able to provide you organization with high quality-customer service.

Find you enough qualified and desirable candidates to increase your workforce.

Use staffing to pursue your company’s growth strategy and maintain your firm’s competitive advantage.

Strategic Staffing Solutions


Are you looking to hire a worker on a short-term contract on the condition that the contract may be renewed for a full-time position? Are you contemplating on easing the load on your existing workforce, save money and speed up production during your company’s peak seasons?

Instead of hiring a new employee on a permanent basis to fill a position, your company may contract with us to provide an individual with the necessary skills for the position in question.


Through our recruitment strategies, we can help your company fill its long-term need ensuring that you have employees who will become part of your company.

A direct hire is a recruitment made directly by us to fill a long-term need. We recruit the hires, while the hires become employees your company.

To help your company succeed through people, we are committed to making a direct hire placements of highly qualified candidates.


Is your organization seeking numerical flexibility, or the ability to adjust the number of workers it uses, in order to meet fluctuations in demand? Is the fixed costs of hiring and dismissing make it more expensive to adjust permanent workers?

We are committed to helping your organization build this flexibility into your workforce by making placements of highly qualified candidates to work as temporary workers, or workers whose contracts have an expiration date.


The competition for talent is further intensifying.

Does your organization have a need of finding people with characteristics it wants and convert them into recruit?

Does your organization lack needed talent?

Do you want to improve the quality of your applicant pool?

Do you want to decrease the burden placed on the candidates and selection system of your organization?

Contact SPM. We have the abilities to find and attract the talent your organization needs to execute its business strategies and maintain a competitive advantage.




Below is an integrated set of choices, full range of human resources services, and HR Consulting which SPM can use to assist your company

Testing & Assessment

To create a high-quality workforce, your organization will depend on accurate selection of employees who will best fit the organization’s strategy, culture, and position requirement.

Contact Us because we can assist you in.

Collecting, measuring, and interpreting data relevant to your organization’s strategic staffing efforts.

Using data to make selection decisions.


Workplace Training


Accidents are expensive. Consider workers’ compensation!

Are your managers faced with tough policy issues in the area of workplace health and safety?

Have you considered the cost of wages paid for time lost?

Have you considered the cost of damage to material or equipment?

Have you considered cost of overtime work by others required by the accident?

Consider the cost of wages paid to supervisors while their time is required for activities resulting from an accident.

Have you considered the cost of decrease output of an injured worker after he or she returns to work?

Consider the cost associated with the time it takes for a new worker to learn the job.

Think about the cost of time that will be spent by higher management and clerical workers to investigate or to process workers’ compensation.

Consider the uninsured medical costs that would be borne by your company.

Contact Us when you consider preventing work-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths.

Strategic Planning

Do you want to create the infrastructure for your firm’ strategy execution and proactive workforce? Do you want to ensure that your firm has the people it needs to execute your strategy successfully? Do you want to better manage talent shortage and surpluses? Do you want to predict and manage your organization’s talent supply and demand? Contact SPM.

Because we want to ensure that your organization has the right people in the right place at the right time, we will forecast your labor demand and keep you aware of the relevant pipelines for your labor supply

Total Rewards

Do you want your organization to have a competitive edge? Do you want your company to generate the business outcomes that matter most to your strategy?

We help firms build a total rewards system that encompasses compensation, benefits, personal and professional growth opportunities, including a motivating work environment.


  • SPM will provide your company with an internally consistent compensation system; tie the compensation strategy to general business strategy; establish pay levels for different jobs, considering economic and legal factors; develop pay systems that are understandable, workable, and acceptable to employees at all levels; tie incentives to individual, team, or organization wide performance; provide you with how to implement a pay-for-performance system; and key traps to avoid in order to make pay-for-performance system work as planned.

Organizational Effectiveness And Development

SPM can use behavioral science knowledge to improve the functioning and performance of your organization and to increase the ability of your organization to change; Our integrated theory and practice will be aimed at increasing your organization’s effectiveness; We will use a set of evidence-based ideas and practices in order to make your organization produce sustainable high performance and human fulfillment; We provide particular expertise that will bring a different and potentially more objective perspective into the process of your organization development; We may even go beyond solving particular problems to helping your organizational members gain the competence needed to change and improve your organization continually; We will work with your company to facilitate complex organizational change and learning; We will help clarify the issue your organization is facing; and provide help to your organizational members on how to deal with complex problems or projects.

Do you want your organization to function best with clearly defined and well-structured jobs? Do you want your firm to function best with employees performing multiple roles? Do you want to understand what is and what will be required to do the jobs in your organization well? Do you want to align the requirements of your jobs with your company business strategy? Do you have jobs that are evolving or do not yet exist? Contact US.

We will use systematic process to identify and describe the importance aspects of the jobs in your organization alongside with the characteristics people will need to do the jobs well.


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